• Public Security
    Public security applications, including Skynet video system, face recognition system, big data analysis system, traffic signal analysis system, etc., are closely related to social development, which is of great assistance to interrelated research institutions and researchers.
  • Industrial Innovation
    The advent of the industrial innovation era is driving the most fundamental manufacturing technology to change. Trends like IOT(Internet of things), material augmentation manufacturing and machine learning are merging the physical world with the digital world. Industrial products are becoming more intelligent and internet-based..
  • Scientific Research
    Powerful computing power and perfect technical support is utilized to help users analyze and deal with the massive data in life science and accelerate the research progress of life science in industries. The platform supports research across many life sciences related disciplines such as molecular biology, synthetic biology, cell biology, bio-informatics, bio-medicine, genomics etc.
  • Commercial Finance
    Financial big data will make financial supervision more effective. The advanced information system will timely detect the dynamic big data originated from financial market and enterprise. Data sources of multiple channels will reduce information asymmetry faced by regulation.
  • Public Service
    The platform is designed to facilitate scientific research in the fields of astronomy, geology, seismology, geomagnetism and so on. It covers the applications of cosmic particle evolution, planetary hydrodynamics simulation, geological and seismic simulation, etc. To better understand the environment, it provides computing support and scientific basis for the relationship between environmental change and human beings, activities and policy making.
  • AI
    Compared with the the concept between artificial and intelligent, machine learning emphasizes more on learning that computers think, work, and emulate human beings independently. From computer to human, the gap between computer and human is very different. At present, we still use computer to simulate the neural network of human brain and realize the judgment similar to human brain. 
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Genesis Development Planning Matrix
Fuzhou Genesis Technology expects to build a T2 data center in the future with the investment of 500,000 super-computing servers to formulate a high-tech industrial park with a budget of more than 10 billion Yuan in total. 1 billion Yuan will be spent on data center construction including data center infrastructure, cooling system and electricity power system, etc,. 700 million Yuan will be spent on buildings including data center construction(independent construction) and furnishing, etc,. Over 10 billion Yuan will be spent on devices, mainly for types of servers and nodes. With the expansion of the company in later stage, more than 8 thousands of employments will be offered to citizens so that Fuzhou government finance will gain more revenues. Genesis promises to pay tax to Fuzhou government in a way of increasing progressively. No less than 600 million Yuan of tax revenues will be paid after all-around construction and strive to make it 2 million.

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Star City is triggered by the comprehensive strength of leading technology, abundant capital, powerful efficiency by Fuzhou Genesis Technology, led by introduction of semiconductor industry, combined with the planning of related industries and peripheral supporting design as well as integrated upstream and downstream regional digital industrial center. By means of the integration model of industry and city, an ecotype national semiconductor future city is built with multiple functions, such as economy, finance, information, trade, ecology, production, life, service, education, culture and so on.

Star City is full of bold ideas and design beyond the present one, and it also knocks on the door to the future rise of the city. Once the door opens, an unprecedented new world will seen by people.

1、Government’s large promotion on high tech of new era  

Cloud computing market has been expanding since 2006 and the global cloud computing market has shown a strong growth momentum. Chinese State Council has issued a decision on accelerating the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries, in which a new generation of information technology has been identified as one of the three pillar industries of the future, and cloud computing has been included. On October 2010, a notice issued by the State Development and Reform Commission jointly with the Ministry of Industry and Information on the pilot demonstration work for innovation and development of cloud computing services, which was launched in advance in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Wuxi in advance Calculation of as trial. So far, dozens of cities in China have identified cloud computing as a focused industry and taken a variety of measures to promote the development of cloud computing.

With the arrival of the era of cloud computing, the huge number of network users, the continuous improvement of network infrastructure and the continued transformation of IT spending, cloud computing market will usher in a blowout growth in the future. By 2020, cloud computing market scale in China size will reach 2 trillion yuan. Hence,the future cloud computing development space is huge.

2、Significance of developing semiconductor industry to the future

Cloud computing requires a carrier or output device, which is a supercomputing device composed of semiconductors. Take music for instance, a cloud computing is like a good music, semiconductors are speakers. Without speakers, cloud computing will not come. The semiconductor industry is not just playing the song of cloud computing as there are more songs to play.

Semiconductor is the core of many industrial equipment, which is widely used in computer, communication, consuming electronics, automobile, industry, medical, military, government and other core fields. Semiconductors consist of four parts-integrated circuits (about 81%), photoelectric device (about 10%), discrete devices (about 6%) and sensors (about 3%). Integrated circuits are divided into four categories according to product types-microprocessor (about 18%), memory (about 23%), logic devices (about 27%) and analogue devices (about 13%). According to industry chain classification, it is divided into supporting industrial chain, core industrial chain and demand industry chain. The semiconductor support industry chain provides materials, equipment, clean engineering, etc. The core industrial chain completes the design, manufacturing and packaging testing of semiconductor products. The demand industry chain includes computers, communications, consuming electronics, automobiles, industry, medicine, military, government, etc.

At the national level, the government's economic development goals in the 13th Five-Year Plan include advanced industries such as semiconductors and the next generation of chip materials, robots, aviation equipment and satellites. Driven by the National Integrated Circuit Industry Development Program and the National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund, China's semiconductor market has become an engine of global growth, with sales exceeding 430 billion yuan in 2016. China's semiconductor industry expanded in 19.2017, with sales revenue of 535.52 billion yuan, which is an increase of 23.5 percent over the same period last year.

With the continuous increase of government, the increase of financial input as well as the promulgation of a series of policies and strategies such as 863 plan, high-tech industrial park, strategic emerging industry, information strategy and the latest industrial policy Made In China 2025, etc, semiconductors have been promoted as key areas of national development. Local governments also began to consciously support the semiconductor industry as a priority industry.

From the global level, the world semiconductor industry has formed a huge industrial scale, the industry is gradually mature, looking for a new global semiconductor economic growth point has become an important issue in the industry. The rapid development of semiconductor industry in China will become a new driving force to promote the cross-cycle growth of semiconductor industry.

1、About integration of production and city 

City without industry as pillar is empty city, even if it’s beautiful. Industry without urban as rely, even if high-end, it can only idle. Urbanization and industrialization should have corresponding matching degree, which can not be fast and slow or disjointed separation.

There is no doubt that semiconductor industry plays an important role in urban development as a sophisticated industry. Under the background of the new era, higher requirements for urban development have been put forward. The introduction of the concept of Integration Of Production And City will bring benefits to the development of the city in the contemporary era. Integration Of Production And City refers to the integration and development of industry and city, taking the city as basis, carrying industrial space and developing industrial economy, taking industry as guarantee, driving the city to renew and perfect the service matching, further promoting the land value in order to make industry, city and people keep moving forward with vigour and persistence.

According to the relevant requirements of National New Urbanization Plan (Year 2014 & 2020), we should further improve the institutional mechanism for the healthy development of urbanization, promote the integration of industry and towns as well as speed up the cultivation of a number of new economic growth points or growth poles with different functions for coordinated and complementary regional development pattern. On July 9, 2016, the General Office of the National Development and Reform Commission issued the Circular on the Construction of the Production and City Fusion Demonstration Zone (hereinafter referred to as Notice), proposing that it will be selected throughout the country. About 60 regions with mature conditions are developing the construction of the industrial and urban integration demonstration areas. The notice defines the pilot objectives. Until 2020, the level of economic and social development in the production and city integration demonstration areas has improved significantly, the economic growth rate is faster than the overall level of the region, the urbanization rate of the resident population is obviously faster than the average level of the region, and the modern industrial system has accelerated the formation. The comprehensive service functions of cities and towns have been continuously improved, the ecological environment has been further optimized, the quality of life of the residents has improved markedly, the demonstration areas have been built into comprehensive economic and social development, industries and cities have been deeply integrated, and the urban and rural environment is beautiful. A new type of urban area where people live in a more secure and healthy environment.

Semiconductor industry is periodic industry which is closely connected GPD growth and technology upgrading. With the development of emerging IT application field like AI, big data, network of things, AR/VR and wearable device, the semiconductor industry is entering another new golden cycle.

Currently promoting semiconductor industry among global competition has been a national strategy in China. We have given strong support and formulated development goals in the national policies such as National Integrated Circuit Industry Promotion Program as well as Made in China 2025. We have also prepared national large funds to support the whole industry chain and strive to rapidly realize China's semiconductor self-control.

In 2014, the State Council promulgated Outline For The Promotion Of Development Of National Integrated Circuit Industry, which clearly states that by 2020, the gap between the integrated circuit industry and the international advanced level will be gradually reduced. 16 / 14nm manufacturing processes will realize large-scale mass production. The national 10-year strategic plan Made In China 2025 released in 2015 proposed that the self-sufficiency rate of Chinese chips should reach 40% in 2020 and 70% in 2025. At the executive level, the country-led integrated circuit investment fund has committed to invest more than 100 billion, involving 40 integrated circuit enterprises.

The project aims to create a regional digital industry center with information as the processing object, digital technology as the processing means, consciousness (broad sense of concept) products as the result as well as involving all sectors of society as the market. The key areas will include the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, e-commerce, mobile health, geographic information and so on.

Analysis of current macroeconomic and industrial situation in Fuzhou

Fuzhou, a prefecture level city, is located in eastern Jiangxi Province. Known as Talent Town, Cultural State, also known as Ganfu Granary, is a famous city suitable for business, life and travel.

Fuzhou is one of 20 cities of Economic Zone on the west side of the strait determined by the State Council. It is the first Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone and one of the important cities of the former Central Soviet region in Jiangxi Province. It has been named as Collar River, Control Belt Between Fujian and Guangdong province since ancient times. Fuzhou is a national garden city, with a per capital green area of 16.6 square meters, green rate of 43.4 percent and a comprehensive environmental evaluation ranking the seventh in China and the first in the central part of the country. Forest coverage is as high as 64.5 and the forest coverage is as high as 85.9 in Zixi County, known as Natural Oxygen Bar.

In 2017, GDP in this city exceeded 130 billion yuan, reaching 135.457 billion yuan. A year-on-year increased 8.7 percent at comparable prices. In terms of industry, the added value of the primary industry was 21.635 billion yuan, an increase of 4.5%; the added value of the secondary industry was 59.459 billion yuan, an increase of 8.4%; the added value of the tertiary industry was 54.363 billion yuan, an increase of 10.9%.

Fuzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone was approved to upgrade to National High-tech Zone by the State Council in February 2015. It is a national intellectual property trial demonstration park, a national youth entrepreneurship demonstration park, a national science and technology business incubator, a national business incubator demonstration base and a national fine chemical high-tech industrialization base. The provincial biological industry base and the provincial auto parts industry base are the first batch of provincial development zones, ecological industrial parks and the first provincial demonstration zones of the financial support entity economy in the province. However, the formal layout of industrial parks and development zones at present, the relationship between urban functions and resources cannot be maximized and there are inevitably overlapping and conflicting. The conflicting situation has insufficient influence on the development of urban economy and the optimization of industrial structure. The industrial structure needs to be upgraded and replaced urgently. Development zones and industrial parks are important carriers and breakthrough points for the development of industrialization and new urbanization in the whole city. Hence, integration of production and city, Integration Of Production And City is the realistic path and inevitable requirement for the transformation and development.

Benefit estimation

1、Cooperation between government and enterprise, mutual benefit and win-win

The government provides municipal infrastructure, supports investment in public construction, improves the development environment, attracts enterprises, promotes urban development and construction, and maximizes the use of land resources. Enterprises help solve the problem of the government's weak investment in infrastructure and urban development and construction, and realize the organic integration and mutual benefit between enterprises and governments in the sharing of resources and capital, so as to "develop an industry," The goal of building a city.

2、Development of Integration between industry and city

Fuzhou Genesis Technology ensures the optimization of industrial park and city function with the integrity of planning, considers the economic function, social function and ecological function of the new city as a whole as well as forms a functional area with a clear division of labor and a high degree of integration.

3、Ecology protection, interaction development

Under the guidance of the idea of integration of production and city, following the local water source and the shape of the mountain, the landscape is designed according to the ecological requirements. To develop high-tech, high-investment and low-pollution projects as well as adopt international advanced environmental protection techniques and technologies, strictly control industrial pollution along the coast, and build a new ecological park with beautiful environment.

4、Promote innovation of construction and management mode, break bottleneck of funds

Fully integrate enterprises in market, capital, investment, management and other aspects of the advantages of the government in resources, services, administration and other advantages in the construction of integrated production and city. The investment of enterprises has effectively solved the problem of insufficient investment in the integrated construction of industrial and urban areas.

5、Strong adsorption from urban talented person and employment

It will certainly enhance the local science and technology strength of the city of Fuzhou where the supercomputing center is located as the technology content is high, function is strong, can carry the high-end science and technology application as well as gathers high level talented person,

In the project, the upstream and downstream enterprises introduced by Genesis will bring at least 20,000 jobs, because of the characteristics of its high-tech industry, there will be a gap of no less than 20 percent of the elite. A significant increase in the level of employment throughout the city.

6、Industrial economy opens up the territory, tax blowout grows

The most inspiring and the most intuitive and quantifiable economic benefits will open up a new and vast economic map with the rise of Star Creator City.

Support and guarantee

Star City project will take the development of Fuzhou Genesis Technology as an opportunity to gather a large number of upper-downstream high-tech enterprises in China and foreign countries to form a population gathering and develop public services with the basis of industrial formation. Combined with the development of commercial services, form the integration of regional urbanization development, and realize the integrated development of industry and city. The goal is to create a Fuzhou version with a residential, business, commercial and other multifunctional complex and complete ecological national industrial park.

Based on the above objectives, the following enabling views are proposed:

1、Preparation of development plans at a high starting point

In order to form the superior industrial cluster, the author employs professional organizations to scientifically formulate the development plan of the characteristic industrial park (industrial cluster) and draw up the road map of development.

2、Implement action plan integration of industry and city

Combine park construction and old city renewal as well as new rural construction organic integration, promote urban development, planning and construction of living facilities around the park.

3、Strengthen infrastructure construction

Speed up the construction of a public service platform for industrial development, and focus on supporting the construction of science and technology incubators, research and development centers, testing centers and information centers. Support the park according to the Three Links, One Level standards to promote infrastructure construction, self-construction or the introduction of enterprises to build standard plants.

4、Strengthen land security

Construction land is to support policy. Priority should be given to ensuring the land use index of the park. Land and resources departments should keep sufficient land index for industrial park construction and give priority to industrial park project construction land. The land revenue of industrial park at all levels should be used for industrial park infrastructure construction and land development. Appropriate reduction of industrial park construction land base land price. We should actively explore effective methods to revitalize the existing land stock assets, improve the utilization rate of existing land resources, encourage and guide the construction of industrial parks to mountainous and sloping areas, carry out development of Terraced Field and make use of some barren slopes and barren land into blocks for exemption from local fees.

Strengthen the supervision and management of park land. Include the scale of project land, investment intensity, investment time limit, construction progress, pay tax per 0.0667 hectares, land consumption rate and other criteria into the investment invitation and land transfer contract to restrict.

5、Strengthen financial support

Strengthen financial support. Integration of departmental funds, priority of industrial park infrastructure, energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental protection and enterprise technology transformation and technological innovation and other key project funds. In accordance with the principle of supporting excellence and strengthening, some fast-developing, active and exemplary parks will be rewarded. Improve the financing guarantee system. Deepen the cooperation mode of Bank And Enterprise Insurance and focus on serving the financing needs of small and medium-sized enterprises in the park.

6、Optimize policy and administrative service environment

Administrative examination and approval service window will be set up in characteristic industrial park to provide high-quality administrative services for enterprises. Industrial park development plan, land use planning and park environmental assessment plan will also be formulated. It will support the priority construction of the planned industrial parks and provide great support in infrastructure, technological transformation, technological innovation, key projects and so on.

7、Guarantee life support for education, medical treatment

In addition to the international medical and educational packages planned by the project itself. In order to better solve the problem of enrollment of staff and children and to solve the worries behind, it is hoped that the government and relevant educational institutions will provide educational support from kindergarten to junior high school. Excellent teachers at home and abroad will be introduced and international schools will be established to provide first-class education. International schools will be established to provide advanced and first-class medical standards.

Fund use plan

  • We promise to complete the introduction of eight large enterprises within half a year
  • For project start-up capital injection 12 billion
  • To complete the construction of the main part in the 2-year construction cycle

Main conclusions and recommendations

It has become an important strategic choice for global urban development to integrate industrial function, urban function and ecological function. As a concept of advanced city construction, which combines many new technology applications, it will change the mode of economic growth and economic structure, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, and realize the transition from labor-intensive, capital-intensive to knowledge-intensive, technology-intensive transformation so as to make economic development more intelligent.

As a part of Nanchang-Fuzhou Integration, the main task of Fuzhou is to accelerate the agglomeration industry and expand the economic scale besides the innovation of system and mechanism. Its choice of industrial direction should be a strategic emerging industry with leading effect of high-tech and leading demonstration. The intelligent industry serving for the construction of intelligent city should be the leading industry in Fuzhou.

The construction content of Star City Industrial Park conforms to the integration requirement of the national production capacity integration development, the project safeguard measure will be strong, the organization management mechanism will be perfect, the budget will be reasonable, the risk will be controllable and the project will be feasible.

It is suggested that enterprise in charge of the project will be approved as soon as possible in order to enable the project development and enterprise to implement the relevant project funds, to formulate the project implementation plan and to organize the project implementation timely so as to effectively promote the process of productive capacity for integration city construction and wisdom industrialization in Fuzhou.

  • Fuzhou municipal party secretary Xiaoyi visited Fuzhou Genesis Technology co., LTD


    On January 11, 2018, Fuzhou municipal party committee secretary Xiaoyi visit Fuzhou Genesis Technology co., LTD. Visit the research, the book of genesis science and technology co., LTD., general manager, the ministry of commerce to participate in the reception, secretary introduced Mr.Xiao the latest genesis company super computer server of building three workshop (15, 16, 19), and 19 on the first floor of the house staff activities center construction situation and future development planning.

  • Fuzhou mayor Zhang hongxing visited fuzhou Genesis Technology co., LTD


    On January 4, 2018, fuzhou mayor Zhang Hongxing go to Fuzhou city Genesis Technology co., LTD. For visiting and investigating, accompanied by secretary of the high-tech zone administrative committee jian-guo qiu, Genesis Technology co., LTD., general manager of Lin Qingxing participate in reception, introduced the genesis to the mayor Zhang Hongxing company super computer server latest three workshop (15, 16, 19) put into operation and innovation and development mode.

  • Jiangxi provincial governor Liuqi and Fuzhou municipal party secretary Xiaoyi visited Fuzhou Genesis Technology co., LTD


    On August 8, 2017, Jiangxi provincial governor liu qi and Fuzhou municipal party committee secretary Xiaoyi visited Fuzhou Genesis Technology co., LTD for investigation and survey. Lin qingxing, general manager of Genesis Technology co., ltd participated in the reception and introduced the super computer server operation and innovative development mode of genesis to governor liu qi.In-depth understanding of project progress, research and development investment etc., fully reflects the attention paid by national leaders to emerging industries.