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Genesis Supercomputing Center will provide a cloud computing support plan for large and medium-sized enterprises in high-tech zones such as big data analysis, chip research and development, material research and development, fluid power, climate analysis, etc. It will help medium and small sized-enterprises to receive huge initial support and greatly enhance the competitiveness and creativity to form a good high-tech talent research and development circumstance and finally become a real innovative enterprise high-tech zone. Meanwhile, it is crucial to seize the opportunity of super-computing center construction in order to compete for the leading position of regional science and technology development, to strive for high-end industry gathering, to bring in high-end talents, to promote urban investment and to build a central city.

01 Industrial Innovation

The advent of the industrial innovation era is driving the most fundamental manufacturing technology to change. Trends like IOT(Internet of things), material augmentation manufacturing and machine learning are merging the physical world with the digital world. Industrial products are becoming more intelligent and internet-based. These changes are driving simulation technology to the ubiquitous era of engineering simulation, which makes simulation become the core technology in all stages of product exploration, design, testing and operation. Engineers perform simulation earlier in the design cycle, so they can study the larger design space more quickly through digital exploration. All this work is done before the decision making and cost determination in order to save more time and cost. The platform utilizes the powerful computing power of the Genesis Super-computing platform for engineers to simulate and test thousands of design schemes in a few minutes or hours as well as to view the design effect and modify the design scheme in real time through the remote visualization platform.

Industrial Innovation
02 Scientific Research

3D rendering3D renderingPowerful computing power and perfect technical support is utilized to help users analyze and deal with the massive data in life science and accelerate the research progress of life science in industries. The platform supports research across many life sciences related disciplines such as molecular biology, synthetic biology, cell biology,  bio-informatics, bio-medicine, genomics etc. which helps users systematically tackle the problems of life science from multiple scales of atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, organs, individuals, populations and ecosystems to study the interrelationships between life activities and the environment at different spatial and temporal scales so as to reveal the law and nature of life phenomenon. Through the combination of software and hardware, the platform has been built a one-stop service platform integrating bio-informatics analysis, drug design and screening, medical big data analysis and data mining provides services and technical support for public health, personalized medicine and related academic research.

Scientific Research
03 Commercial Finance

IC designIC designFinancial big data will make financial supervision more effective. The advanced information system will timely detect the dynamic big data originated from financial market and enterprise. Data sources of multiple channels will reduce information asymmetry faced by regulation.An intelligent monitoring system can be constructed through machine learning, which will improve the effectiveness, timeliness and low cost of supervision. In the future, finance is bound to be data-driven type. The extensive application of big data technology will inevitably have a profound impact on the financial ecology and financial structure of our country. The era of big data has given birth to many new financial service models. The financial industry shall grasp the opportunity of the times and embrace the financial innovation and reform of big data era.

Commercial Finance
04 Public Service

Genesis computing center is designed to facilitate scientific research in the fields of astronomy, geology, seismology, geomagnetism and so on. It covers the applications of cosmic particle evolution, planetary hydrodynamics simulation, geological and seismic simulation, etc. To better understand the environment, it provides computing support and scientific basis for the relationship between environmental change and human beings, activities and policy making.

Public Service
05 Public Security

Public security applications, including Skynet video system, face recognition system, big data analysis system, traffic signal analysis system, etc., are closely related to social development, which is of great assistance to interrelated research institutions and researchers. In the era of big data, mass free flow of all kinds of information made it easy to light the enthusiasm of people to participate in social management and political affairs. However, these huge amounts of data were mixed up with a lot of fake and false information as well as rumors. It has put forward higher requirements for the supervision of information, especially in the face of the rapid growth of users of social networks and instant messaging tools such as Weibo, WeChat and other social networks and instant messaging tools, which are fast spreading, influential, widespread and strong in social mobilization. The problem how we strengthen the construction of network legal system and the guidance of public opinion as well as how we ensure the order of network information dissemination and national security and social stability has become prominent and practical.

Public Security
06 Artificial Intelligence

Compared with the the concept between artificial and intelligent, machine learning emphasizes more on learning that computers think, work, and emulate human beings independently. From computer to human, the gap between computer and human is very different. At present, we still use computer to simulate the neural network of human brain, and realize the judgment similar to human brain. For a man, it takes only a few eyes and few minutes to identify a cat or a dog. But for the machine, it needs to deal with a lot of picture information, sound information, image information for training. Also, it takes a lot of time on the machine operation. The above demand is bound to have a strong dependence on the performance of the computer but also promote the development of the HPC industry.

Artificial Intelligence

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