Genesis Technology, mainly invested in the construction of supercomputer data service center, currently owning three divisions in Fuzhou, Putian and Shenzhen, is a leading brand computer technology industry in China.

Genesis Supercomputing Data Center, with its unique technology of single-precision and double-precision parallel computing, greatly improves computational efficiency and reduces computational costs for big data processing, 3D rendering, IC design, bioinformatics, materials science, dynamic simulation as well as in the fields of macroeconomic analysis and government decision support, providing higher performance supercomputing and parallel computing services. We are committed to optimizing innovation science and advancing modern enterprises, creating a technological world, and achieving the spirit of the times to bring strong power and vitality for the enterprises major in the field of computer supercomputers,software development, hardware design and manufacturing development.


Fuzhou Genesis Technology was established in June 2017 and entered Senhong Technology Industrial Park by signing a contract with Fuzhou High-tech Zone. The project registration, operation and settlement are all completed in Fuzhou High-tech Zone. 11 buildings inside Senhong Technology Industrial Park during first and second phases of the project were used to build a data center with area of 170,200 square meters and 160,000 computing servers, with a total investment of 10 billion yuan.

Putian Genesis Technology was established in November 2017, with the land covering nearly 114000 square meters. 480000 super-computing servers will be used with the total investment of nearly 20-26 billion.The expected revenues will reach 43 billion when the construction is completed and put into use. The project has been listed as key project of Fujian Province in 2018. At present, the project of first phase, a temporary data center has been invested 62000 servers in total, which has been put into use. Meanwhile the project of second phase is under construction, shall be completed in the end of 2018 and parts of them will be on trial run.

  • 170200
    Construction Area
  • 4000
    Office Building Area
  • 166000
    Data Center Area
  • 160000 Units
  • 100 Billion
    Total Investment

Genesis Supercomputer Data Center, with its unique technology of single-precision and double-precision parallel computing, designs the computing hardware according to the company's computing program, which helps to improves the computing efficiency and reduces the computing cost. The pre-application services are mainly based on European and American customers, and gradually expanding the scope of services as well as providing higher performance supercomputer and cloud computing service for big data processing, AI artificial intelligence, film and television post rendering, IC design, biological information as well as in areas such as materials science, dynamic simulation, macroeconomic analysis, and government decision support. Super-computing has increasingly become the foundation of modern society, playing an important role in scientific research, commercial finance, national and public security, public services.

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